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Ecaterina Gate

Brasov is a charming city. We like to think that every guest who visits us is convinced of this from day one. That's why we want to recommend for July a one-day walk through the old town, at the mild pace, as we like it. We have some historical and gastronomic landmarks that you can count on, but do not forget that the most exciting way to see a new city is to walk slowly, on all the small streets, to enjoy what you discover and to be open to whatever Brasov wants to show you.

If July remains the “oven’s month”, let's start the day earlier. The perfect cafe awaits you across the street from Residence Central Annapolis at CH9 Kaffee Haus. The café inaugurated in March 2019, after a rehabilitation project that lasted for more than 3 years, is the first city history lesson. The Paraclisier's House dates back to the 18th century and is part of Johannes Honterus Court buildings 6, 7, 8 and 9, located in the western part of the Black Church, between which this former low-level homely house is distinctly different. Contemporary intervention has been designed not to destroy the fragile beauty of this house and to preserve as much as possible its expressiveness from natural materials, appearances and simple details. Source info: Zile și Nopți.

Let's start our trip with the narrowest street in Romania: Rope Street. A narrow street between the streets of Cerbului and the Gate of Şchei, was mentioned in the documents of the 17th century. Used as a simple corridor, to help firefighters work, today is a city's curiosity, a "must see" on the list of any tourist. It ranks third among the narrowest in Europe: the width varies between 111 and 135 cm and is 80 meters long. The biggest challenge is how to make the perfect picture here. (Source info). The street was renovated and reinvented as a result of the "Brasov’s Rope" project, being transformed into an open-air museum, exhibitions, mini-concerts, art works, youth and children's events, and other cultural activities. (Source info). There is also a legend about this place: it is said that during the medieval period here were the couples hiding to kiss. It was also the best place for young people whose parents did not agree with their relationship. The legend that has lasted for years tells that young lovers who kiss on Rope Street will always stay together. (Source info) More about the artistic program, you can find here:

Further on, we can take you to the two gates of the entrance to the city, from Şchei district: Catherine Gate and Şchei Gate. We'll tell you more about the Catherine Gate, which is among the few medieval monuments kept intact. Its name comes from a Catholic monastery, which existed on the site of the current C-Building of ”Johannes Honterus” High School. Part of the city's defence structure, the tower, former shelter for gunpowder, had eight holes on the outside of the tower, the projectiles being brought from Prague. It also had a loophole bridge built into the structure on chains that descended across the water.

The coat of arms of Brasov is carved above the entrance, representing the image of a seven-packed roots of thick roots. In 1827 the walls forming the gate were demolished, today only the outer tower, the tower bearing the improper name of the "Catherine Gate", is visible. In the past, the Romanians from Şchei who wanted to enter Brasov could do it only on certain days of the week and it was necessary to pay a certain fee. (Source info)

After the lesson of living history, we also want to present some time out alternatives for July 2019.


- The sixth edition of the C'art fest is organized on 7-14 July 2019, in the Cristian village, 15 minutes away from Brasov: Theatre performances, live concerts, street parade, conferences, debates, outdoor movie screenings, releases book, but also day-to-day activities for adults and children. Practically, a holiday in the country in a common, cosy, prepared for the feast.

- Libris Book and Music Festival in Brasov, organized by the Libris Cultural Association, has four days of summer full of recitals and shows, to which we will join the book releases of our distinguished guests. Dates: July 11 - July 14, 2019, in the Council Square in central Brasov.

- The Film and History Festival in Râşnov is waiting for you at the tenth edition between 19 and 28 July 2019. 10 days in Râşnov Citadel. No red carpet, no hooves, no hysteria, no breaking news. To understand what's going on in the world! Movies. Concerts. Lectures. Summer Schools. Documentary Film Competition. Debate. Exhibitions.