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View of Brașov Old Centre from Tâmpa

It's a special feeling to wake up in the old centre of Brasov, when you choose to stay right next to the Black Church. The mornings near the mountain have something different: Spring’ smell enters subtly through the open window and under the skin, the buzz of the city that wakes up and slowly gets lauder, the shady rays of sun passing through the curtains get you ready for another day. You feel like an urge to get over this wonderful state of laziness under the sheet and to want more.

It's still the time of the raw, rough colours. Choose a day to go see them all at a glance: from Tâmpa Mountain. It will convince you that today is the best day to stroll, the first step outside Residence Central Annapolis, the view of Bariţiu Street, which opens to the House of the Council and the thought of freshly ground coffee from Kafea- Coffee To Go, which you will enjoy on the go. Go in the Council Square, pass by all the tourists who make their selfies with the fountain and Mount Tampa, take it directly to the Apolonia Hirscher Street, then to the Castelului Street. The climb is a little bit more alert on the Suișul Castelului Alley, to Tiberiu Brediceanu Alley, ”Sub Tâmpa”.

Here you can easily find the cable car. It has a program from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 to 17:00 (Monday is closed for maintaince). If you wany the easy way or you are just not in a very good shape, it is best to choose to climb and descend by cable car (cost 18 lei, for adults). Everything takes less than 3 minutes: up to 20 people can quickly reach the top station. There is also a bar with a terrace where you can take a break after a walk. From the cable car, climb up to the first point of the Belvedere at the place where the Braşov letters are placed near the Bethlem Cave. Here in 1890 there was a restaurant, which functioned until 1977, being supplied with donkeys. In 1905 it was extended through a terrace above the steep in 1905, and after 1948 it was called "Cabana-restaurant Tâmpa”. The fire in March 1977 left behind only the terrace from which the city can still be seen today. Above, you reach the highest point of Mount Tampa (960 m), where you can relax on wooden constructions, specially designed for tourists, and see the Schei neighborhood, Postavarul Massif and Piatra Mare.

For the ones that want to skip the cable car, if you feel physically prepared for movement through the woods, the highest peak is at 40 mins, at least one hour down the alley: you have to climb about 320 m, it does not look very much. And the doctor recommends this much healthier and more exciting variant. The most accessible route to the Serpentines gives you more: the forest always accompanies you, the birds sing around you, you can see the city from multiple perspectives, you get upright with oxygenated lungs full of joy. You will surely feel Braşov otherwise after this experience.

After a day full of pampering in nature, Brasov is waiting for you in May with many events. Here's what we recommend:

  • Reduta Cultural Center organizes from May 6 to May 12, 2019 the political theatre festival "Scenes of Memory". The best actors and plays from all over the country come to Brasov for a festival that will certainly raise many questions about how history shapes our destiny and why it is important to know more about the past, in order to understand our future: "Dignity" - Theatre Avangardia, "Typography Upper Case" - Odeon Theatre Bucharest, "Leather and Sky" - "Vasile Alecsandri" National Theatre Iași - Premiere, "Queen Maria - War Diary" - Mic Theatre, ”The Snail” - Metropolis Theatre Bucharest, ”Butterfly de Luxe"- The Jewish State Theatre of Bucharest," About People and Potatoes "-" Andrei Mureşanu "Theatre Sfântu Gheorghe, a show by Radu Afrim. More information here: Tickets here:
  • The Moonlight Breakfast Affection Tour stops at Braşov in Dean's Irish Pub on May 18, 2019, with an urban rhythm, a sophisticated mix of Electro, Beat, Nu-Jazz and Swing, that will keep you grooving. Details here:
  • Iron Dragons Festival 2019, May 31 - June 2, is about planes and turntables at the Ghimbav Air Show! We have an exceptional aviation show in Braşov, with lights shows and a lot of good music. The entry is free. Full program here:

See you in May at Residence Central Annapolis. Let's discover Braşov together!