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Winter, from the window

Welcome to Brasov! It is winter and we like it very much when we have snow. We invite you to a tour through the perfect places for a snowballs fight, sleighing and skiing. Some are right in the old center, others through Șchei, and others in Poiana Brașov. You have to choose. And if you are not equipped properly, let's recommend 2, 3 shops, to enjoy the maximum of winter, regardless of temperature.

Carturesti, Brasov

The days are still warm. The snow doesn't fall yet through the city. Maybe just a little on the mountain peak. But we all know that the time of hot cups of tea or cocoa with milk, and a good movie, seen from under the quilt, after Sun is sleeping, is not too far away. All that, after you’ll have your walk through our wonderful city. In today's story, we want to encourage you to go the classical style and go out to read in the city.

Summer has come and the city has come to life!

Since July, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, malls and all cultural institutions have reopened their doors and interiors. The fun and leisure offer of Brașov is complete again and it is the ideal time to spend a few days of vacation in the city center.

Casa Muresenilor Museum

Days flow differently in the fall time. Mornings are cooler and the bed keeps you longer with him. The sun is a bit lazier and wakes you up later now. And the colours of autumn put up a show, always unique, although you see it every year. There are warmer days, but you always have an umbrella at hand. Especially in Brașov. That's why we’ll take you through the city's museums today. Stories are best told in old buildings, steeped in history, surrounded with connoisseurs.

Christmas gifts

The month of gifts has officially begun! We have a Christmas tree, we have Christmas lights, we have a Christmas fair, in the Council Square/ Piața Sfatului. We have also a lot of guests. We are all ready to enjoy all that the last days of the year have to offer. Party plans, organizing shopping details and, in particular, choosing the right gifts. We thought of offering you a small guide to finding gifts in Brașov: what stores do we like, what fairs do we have and maybe some alternatives to the classic gifts. Let's begin!

Pietrele lui Solomon

At the end of the season we are feeling more than ever the need for some peace and quiet. Brașov can offer many colorful and dynamic surprises, noises and smiles, but at the same time it has places full of charm and fresh air, suitable for relaxation and walking. The leaves now begin to paint pictures, like some lessons about the natural course of life, the birds continue their cheerful triples until evening, and the mountain awaits you, full of its healing magic silence. Heated warmly by the autumn sun, today we take you to the woods, in an easy walk to Pietrele lui Solomon (Solomon's Stones), at the end of the old neighborhood of Șchei.